Vowcare dedicates calendar to COVID warriors

Vowcare, a Kashmir based pharmaceutical company has launched its calendar for 2021 to appreciate the organizations and individuals at the forefront of COVID fight.

In a statement the company said, the release event was attended by many social worker organizations and officials from Kashmir Medical fraternity. The dignitaries included Director SKIMS Dr. A G Ahangar and other officials. While talking at the calendar launch, Director SKIMS dwelled on the COVD fight taken up by various organizations particularly the Kashmir health sector.

"It was due to the combined efforts of various organizations that we were able to curb the spread of COVID. I can say that due to the joint initiative of both social and government organizations, scores of lives were save by doctors," Ahangar said. He said that at the time when people were in panic and everything was in lockdown, Doctors, paramedics, NGOs put their life at stake while serving at the forefront. He praised Vowcare for the theme of calendar saying that it is a great tribute to COVID warriors. While talking to Greater Kashmir, Gowhar Wani, proprietor Vowcare said "In this calendar we have dedicated each page to different organizations that have worked tirelessly during the pandemic. These organizations include hospitals, NGOs, media and others."

"Empowering Dreams, Shaping Futures: Vowcare's 2024 Calendar, A Year Dedicated to Our Valued Employees!"

A Remarkable Kick-off: Vowcare Unveils 2024 Calendar Celebrating Employee Dedication.

Date: January 4, 2024 In a momentous ceremony held on January 4, 2024, Vowcare, a leading name in the healthcare industry, proudly launched its highly anticipated calendar dedicated to the unwavering dedication of its employees. The event, marked by enthusiasm and gratitude, was graced by esteemed Chief Guest Director Health Kashmir, Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Rather, and the renowned Dr. Mir Mushtaq..

"The theme for the calendar revolves around the tireless commitment and hard work exhibited by Vowcare's employees, showcasing their integral role in the company's success. The calendar serves as a token of appreciation, capturing the spirit of unity, resilience, and collective achievement that defines the Vowcare family. The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome to the distinguished guests, setting the tone for an evening filled with camaraderie and celebration. The Director Health Kashmir, Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Rather, in his address, expressed his admiration for Vowcare's dedication to recognizing and honoring its employees. He commended the company for fostering a culture of appreciation, emphasizing the crucial role employees play in shaping the healthcare landscape. Dr. Mir Mushtaq, a respected figure in the medical community, shared insights into the significance of a motivated and dedicated workforce in achieving excellence in healthcare. His words resonated with the audience, highlighting the importance of recognizing the contributions of employees in driving innovation and success within the industry. The unveiling of the 2024 calendar marked a poignant moment as Vowcare executives and the esteemed guests collectively revealed the captivating visuals and inspiring narratives that encapsulate the dedication of the employees. Each month showcases a different aspect of the team's commitment, creating a collage of stories that reflect the heart and soul of Vowcare. Awards and acknowledgments were presented to employees who demonstrated exceptional dedication and went above and beyond in their roles. These recognitions served as a testament to the company's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering an environment where each individual's efforts are valued. The evening concluded with a delightful dinner, allowing employees, guests, and executives to interact in a more informal setting. Laughter and joy filled the air as everyone celebrated not just the launch of a calendar but the collective achievements and aspirations that bind the Vowcare community together. As Vowcare embarks on the journey of 2024, the calendar stands as a daily reminder of the incredible synergy between the company and its dedicated employees. The launch ceremony not only celebrated the past accomplishments but also set the stage for an even brighter and more successful future, fueled by the passion and commitment of the entire Vowcare family."